17-Day Unbelievable Uganda – Luxury Experience

At A Glance

• Sighting the unique Shoebill in Mabamba Swamp
• Water experience at the Equator Line
• Gorilla Trekking Experience in Bwindi Impenetrable Rain Forest
• Colorful cultural encounter with the Ik and Karamojong Communities in Kidepo Valley
• Early-morning or late-night wildlife game drive
• Rhino Trekking in Zziwa Sanctuary

Safari Overview

Uganda is a land of contrasts: tangled jungle, roaring rapids, vast sparkling lakes, terraced hillsides, grassy plains, arid savanna, deep forests… and breathtaking beauty everywhere you look. In a matter of days, you can see some of the world’s rarest creatures; go tracking in the forests to see Gorillas and Chimps, search the marshlands for the elusive Shoebill, wander the forest floor following the trail of Forest Elephants and visit a Karamojong tribe or the Batwa pygmy village.

This 17-day luxury experience safari will take you along well-travel paths and “off-the-beaten tracks” covering Uganda’s most unique sights and experiences.

From Gorilla and Chimpanzee trekking to game drives in the most beautiful and diverse national parks to cultural experiences with the Batwa, Ik, and Karamojong, you will fully emerge yourself in wildlife, nature, culture, and exclusive adventure while staying at the utmost spectacular lodges.


Customize your Safari! Our itineraries were carefully crafted by our safari consultants. They can be used as blue prints and customized according to your preferences, duration and budget.

Day 1
Arrival at Entebbe International Airport & Mabamba Swamp.

Depending on your time of arrival, you will be spending a night in one of Entebbe’s most unique Boutique Hotels or you will start the journey right away with a trip to Mabamba Swamp.

Day 2
Shoebill Viewing in Mabamba Swamp.

You will enjoy a canoe ride to the papyrus reeds that opens up into a flat grassy wetland where a number of Shoebills can regularly be seen.

In the afternoon, transfer to Lake Mburo National Park.

Day 3
Walk, cycle or horse ride in Lake Mburo National Park.
Day 4
Ultimate Gorilla Trekking Experience in the Jungle

One of Africa’s major highlights is when you encounter these gentle apes. Follow the mountain gorillas as they range freely in the impenetrable forest, and discover their gorgeous natural habitual and the many species they share it with.

Day 5
Wellness & Relax Day or Explore the Batwa Trail

You will enjoy multi-course meals and relax while overlooking the beautiful ever green forest. Alternatively, you may explore other thrilling activities in the area such as Batwa pygmy trail experience who still follow their ancient cultures of living in the forest

Day 6
Transfer from Bwindi to Kibale Forest National Park

Embark on a journey towards Kibale National Park following the mystical Kigezi highlands and through different local communities.

Day 7
Chimpanzee Trekking in Kibale Forest

Kibale’s 1450 Chimpanzee represent Uganda’s largest population of this endangered primate. You will enjoy a guided nature walk in the tropical rainforest in search of the wild chimpanzees, red-tailed monkeys, black and white colobus monkeys and many others.

Day 8
Nature Walk & Hot Springs in Semliki Wildlife Reserve

Semliki Valley Wildlife Reserve is one of Africa’s most ancient and bio-diverse forests; one of the few that survived the last ice age, 12-18,000 years ago. Your guide will point out and explain the park’s diversity of wildlife and flora and fauna, including the famous Sempaya Hot Springs.

Day 9
Transfer to Murchison Falls National Park

With lunch en-route, we will be driving through Masindi town and branch off to Murchison Falls National Park. You will spend the following few nights at one of Uganda’s newest and most exclusive eco-lodges inside the national park.

Day 10
Boat Cruise & Hike to the Top of the Falls

After enjoying a drink in front of these photogenic Murchison Falls, you will continue to the top of the falls, where you will have an amazing and close view of the falls! See where the Nile -world's longest river explodes violently through a narrow cleft in the Rift Valley escarpment to plunge into a frothing pool 43m below.

Day 11
Game Drive & Nile Delta Boat Safari

Your guide will help you spot elephant, lion, cape buffalo, Roth child’s giraffe, hartebeest, waterbuck, oribi, bushbuck, bohor reed buck, hyena and if you are lucky, the leopard.

Day 12
Transfer from Murchison Falls to Kidepo Valley National Park

This long-distance drive will show you the other side of the “Pearl of Africa”, passing by local communities and villages away from the lush green scenery of South-Western Uganda.

Day 13
Safari in Kidepo Valley National Park

Narus Valley is popular for mammals such as elephants, buffalos, antelopes, zebras, cheetah, and many more bird species.

Day 14
Game Drive & Hot Springs

We will drive to visit the hot springs near the Uganda –Sudan border and if lucky spot the giant Ostriches which are found in this place.

Day 15
Cultural Encounter – Meet the Ik and Karamojong Communities

Visiting the communities will spice up your experience in Kidepo, the dance and their unique culture is worth a visit while in Kidepo National Park. The Ik communities gather in villages that are fenced to avoid intruders and wild animals

Day 16
Transfer from Kidepo to Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary

Scenic drive through the most remote villages in Uganda.

Day 17
Rhino Trekking & Transfer to Entebbe

You will go for a nature walk to trek the Rhinos. After that, we will proceed to Entebbe for a last restful night in Uganda or your evening flight back home.

Accommodation: Where you will sleep & relax...

For this safari and the complete luxury experience, we warmly recommended the following safari lodges:

Nile Safari Lodge

Remote, tranquil, luxurious, eco-friendly. Escape the ordinary and experience the awe-inspiring spectacles that Nile Safari Lodge offers on the banks of the world’s longest river and Uganda’s largest national park.

Mihingo Lodge – Lake Mburo

Mihingo Lodge surprises with its uniquely designed cottages on top of a rock with scenic views and an infinity pool over Lake Mburo National Park.

Kyaninga Lodge

This is the ultimate African luxury lodge experience in Uganda.  Kyaninga Lodge is located on the edge of a crater lake overlooking the Mountains of the Moon.

Clouds Mountain Gorilla Lodge – Bwindi

Set on a forested ridge near the entrance to the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, Clouds Mountain Gorilla Lodge boasts only eight spacious cottages.

Boutique Hotel No 5 - Entebbe

Enjoy a night in the stylish boutique hotel with flavorsome dining experiences.

Apoka Safari Lodge - Kidepo

At Apoka Lodge everything is handmade by local craftsmen, everything is large and capacious. The lodge has an infinity pool overlooking the wild savannah of Kidepo Valley National Park.

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